Custom Nets and Tarpaulins Leading Manufacturer

FiletNova has specialized in the technical manufacture of nets and tarpaulins for 35 years. It has been established for 15 years in Tangier Free Zone. Its productions are of interest to the sectors of industry, construction, logistics, sports and leisure equipment, aquaculture and fish farming, agriculture and livestock farming in particular. It belongs to a holding company made up of around thirty companies located all over the world.

Business Areas

Agriculture, aquaculture & birds breeding
Sport & Leisure equipment

Responding to different needs


Design and co-design of nets and fences for any application, including design projects.
Our manufacturing department conceives and develops any kind of yarn combination. We are keen on research and modify our products in order to find advanced solutions suited to meeting customers’ needs, according to the intended sector for application and to product use requirements.


Pre-ordered samples for large volumes are always a guarantee
FiletNova provides free samples of nets upon Customer’s request. The samples enables us to asses the validity of the selection and to consider – along with the Customer – whether to confirm the order or to modify the product, if necessary, while also benefiting from the consultancy Ribola is able to offer its customers.


FiletNova's experience and commitment at your service.
The long-standing experience in the field of tailoring enables FiletNova to provide Customers with an additional consulting service, both during the manufacturing stage – aimed at assisting the Customer in finding the best net, according to their needs – and the tailoring stage, recommending manufacturing details that are best suited to their needs.


For large volumes In the event of significant volumes and in the framework of ongoing orders, FiletNova's warehousing space may be made available to customers without additional costs, upon request. This service is particularly valued by many Customers.


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