Culture d’algues avec le consortium européen AT-SEA Technologies

FiletNova membre du consortium européen AT-SEA s’engage aujourd’hui activement dans une entreprise écologique via AT-SEA Technologies. Capable désormais de gérer le traitement de l’algue sargasse (algas, algae sargassum) à chaque étape (culture – canalisation – ramassage – transformation en produit écologique).


To continue the ground breaking work of the European project AT~SEA for the development of industrial seaweed farms. EuroFilet part of ProjiNova Group, leader in land and marine net structures technologies, brings its specific marine know-know-how to the AT~SEA project via the spin-off company AT~SEA Technologies.

Together with 7 of the AT~SEA partners, EuroFilet co-founds AT~SEA Technologies, a spin-off company that will sell turnkey seaweed farms. Seaweed is an important source for our future supply of food and feed (additives), biochemical, biomaterials and bioenergy. AT~SEA, advanced textiles for open sea biomass cultivation, was an EU 7th framework project. EuroFilet participated in this project which started in 2012. This research project targeted the development of advanced, 2D seaweed cultivation substrates.

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Télécharger la présentation du projet de développement de textiles innovants destinés à faciliter la production d’algues : AT-SEA PRÉSENTATION