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Patents and technologies

All our achievements are evolving regularly and adapt to the constraints of your projects ; they are thus subject a job and a permanent investment whether their materials, arrangements or options; in order to take into account the latest scientific and technical advances while respecting Nature.

PATENT . Universal aluminum fittings

The universal aluminum connector allows a simplified and economic structures Assembly (tunnels, cages, greenhouses, etc.).
The combination of 2 parts to get 5 different without welding and demountable fittings at leisure.

Description : Aluminum joints for Assembly of tubes of structure of cage and the structure of the tunnel junction. Our universal couplings allow to obtain more specific results, faster, seamless and demountable.
Raw material : Aluminium.
Dimensions : Fittings Ø 33mm.
Fixing : Simple, fast, rugged and removable at will.

Non-contractual photographs.

BENEFITS : Assembly references RC2, RC4, RAC90 °, RACT and RAC Star requires that 2 types of coins : MM Ø33 and LMM Ø33; Assembling by 4 at the level of the "ears" and changing the mix.


FiletNova is also responsible for thedevelopment of your sites with the study and construction of peripheral infrastructure allowing (especially for the breeding of birds) the home of technicians, veterinarians, maintenance employees and invited guests.

FiletNova will be able to indulge in a turnkey formula, environmentally-friendly infrastructure of your environmental choice with a quality of finish and comfort exceptional.


In addition to our aviaries, We also offer a set of technically advanced optional elements.

Motorized covers and protections, automated containment mat, centralized it management system, nests and heating incubators, cages stainless steel battery, synthetic gravel, nests air-conditioned, refreshing water sources but also all of our landscape design services combining in perfect harmony, vegetation, waterfalls and RIPRAP.