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Anti-algae dams

The phenomenon of floating algae induced by climate change, drifting in shoals for thousands of kilometers and ending up stranded on the coastlines create many disorders : sanitary, ecological and economical. Our expertise in the algae industry and in engineering of marine devices allows us to offer a complete and unique service dedicated to the confinement of algae at sea thanks to our floating barriers., to their ecological collection and their recovery. For more information see our complete solutions at this link :

Discover our recent installations of anti algae barriers, real shields at the service of the tourism industry :

Complete protection solution for the coastline attached to the Eden Roc hotel in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. These anti sargassum barriers stop drifting algae and confine them far from beaches and bathing waters. The process developed by the company AlgeaNova (ProjiNova patent) is the only one capable of retaining algae at sea where they are collected and completely eradicated from the landscape.

State of the Mexican coastline and the resistance of the barriers after the passage of Hurricane Cristobal in June 2020